Blog (workarounds: avoid ', use '&apos' instead)
  1. Indentify the web page to add bog to. Typically, it needs to be a PHP enabled page.
  2. Review where bog code is
  3. Review the paths.php file, choose which content path to use. Typically content path and web page path are different, indeed it is better that content path is not web accessible.
    e.g. $file_paths[0] = "/public/blog/content/";
           $file_psswd[0] = "1234";
  4. Choose a file name. It may prepend directories, but if so make sure the directories are present before using. All directories must be world writable.
    e.g. biz/main
  5. Drop code in web page ...
    Shiny <?PHP
        echo "[<A HREF=>edit</A>]\n<br><br>\n<DIV>";
        echo "</DIV>";  ?>

    Source: bog_2008090723.tar

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