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December 31

Los Altos, car window smashed.


December 29

Dewey Lake property still in John Shaul's estate.


December 26

Rick and Henry visit Rick's sister in Stamford, Connecticut, after Christmas.

Christmas Eve, December 24

Michelle at St. Dominic's Christmas Eve service in San Francisco.


Thursday, December 22

Shauker Christmas Dinner at Fish Market in Santa Clara.

October 31, Halloween!

Trick or Treating with Henry in Santa Clara and Los Altos.

September 13


September 6

Hiking Montaro on coast just north of Half Moon Bay.  Was a little foggy and windy for late summer.  Impressive view of Pacific Ocean and inland valleys.

August 15

While driving south along coast to Santa Cruz with Henry, saw all the smoke from large forest fires.  At one point we stopped on side of road - ocean beach to our right, fresh water river to our left, and a helicopters with water bags beneath them dipping into fresh water and thundering off to nearby mountains to dump water.

July 18

While Henry was on vacation in Midwest with Leigh, Michelle and I spent weekend horseback riding, wine tasting, and otherwise enjoying Napa Valley.

Saturday, July 11

Fascinating sun, fog, and clouds during late afternoon drive to San Francisco.


Tuesday, July 7

Eureka!  Rick working full time at Motorola in Sunnyvale, California.

Saturday, July 4

Watching fireworks from Alamo Square in San Francisco.  There was a fog bank that clipped the the tops of most fireworks as they exploded.  Neat that same fireworks seemed to be launched from two different locations at the same time - in stereo.


June 14

Digital Broadcast happened on June 12 - time to recycle the old glass tube and throw money at high definition flat screen.

June 9

Michelle and Rick, Seattle. Stop by cafe used in Sleepless in Seattle. Ferry to Bainbridge Island.

June 8

Michelle and Rick, Seattle. Rick takes bus to suburbs to Unitarian church and public library. Shopping Pike Place Market. Cruise from fresh water to salt water bay, passed by floating homes and through a lock. Later stopped by "best" coffee shop in Seattle. Evening, Michelle and her boss took me to sleep conference socializing event.

June 7

Michelle and Rick Seattle! Arrive in Seattle, Tour bus ride past Space Needle, Rock and Roll Museum. Dinner by the bay.

June 6

Michelle and Rick over San Francisco on way to Seattle! Rick snaps pictures of volcanoes along the way.

June 1

Michelle and I visiting old fort beneath Golden Gate Bridge.

May 22/23

Henry, Michelle and I travelled to South Bend, Indiana and South Haven, Michigan to remember grandpa John.

Wednesday, May 6

Learned upon returning Henry to house in Santa Clara that my father was found passed away on his boat earlier today.

John Armstrong Shaul
June 1934 - May 2009
Rest in Peace

Sunday, April 19

Cherry Blossom Parade in Japantown, San Francisco - very hot day, whew!

Sunday/Monday, February 15/16

Silly Adult Bookstore sign with 'Bush Free' promotion in San Francisco - apparently a reference to end of Bush presidency. Behind my cottage in La Honda, notice the creek was high and active waterfalls across the stream.

Thursday, February 12

Semi-cloudy day, drove to cliffs near Ocean Beach. Amazingly, I seem to be able to see Farraledon Islands from parking lot high up the cliffs. Binoculars I had in the car seem to confirm it too. Walked down the cliffs and looked and only trace of island tops could be seen. Wow, the islands are far enough out that the curvature of the Earth makes them difficult ro see from when standing directly on the beach.

Thursday, February 5 - Rick

San Francisco Traffic Court, sat and waited for my case of allegedly not waiting for a pedestrian to clear after stopping at a stop sign. Due to a variety of factors, including the court presenting me with incomplete police records of the case, the charges were dropped, my driving record left intact, and fees I paid will be refunded :-)

I've never challenged something like this in court. This case in particular bothered me because I literally was stopped for almost a minute at the stop sign waiting for pedestrians and other cars to clear, then proceeded very slowly through the intersection, all the time watching the officer across the street on his motorcycle. The officer that pulled me over was the same officer who pulled me over a couple of months before for allegedly running the stop sign at the same location. Indeed, I've seen the same officer routinely pulling cars over near this same intersection - like its a ticket generating scheme or something.

Sunday, January 20

On walk to Alta Plaza in San Francisco, noticed street signs for Obama Street. Later heard on the news that all the street signs for Bush Street had been stickered over with Obama stickers :-)

Sunday, January 11

Amazing day beneath Cliff House near Ocean Beach, San Francisco. The tide was incredibly low allowing walking access directly below the Cliff House. I've never seen this part of water low enough to walk from Ocean Beach, under the Cliff House, and to the next beach.

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