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Happy Holidays!

2008 card shows twenty four images picked from the last year

UUSF, November 16

Thursday, November 13

Ocean Beach sunset, San Francisco.

Monday, June 9th

Stayed overnight both Saturday and Sunday nights. Monday slept in a bit. That didn't stop Connor from sneaking into the downstairs room in the morning and introducing himself.

Sunday, June 8th

Pam (Rick's sister) daughter Samatha's christening in Connecticut.

Later in the day went into Manhattan, Astor Place to see Blue Man Group show and walk around. It was hot, humid, and thunderstorms we're nearby. However the sun came out and only a sporadic light rain so actually was nice to walk around. Previous day flight to JFK was diverted and landed in Allentown Pennsylvania, waited for thunderstorms to dissipate, then flew into JFK a couple hours late.

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